Fan Gallery

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Christopher Lee Swartzlander

Here is Stephen with fellow author and friend, Christopher Lee Swartzlander. Chris was also featured in the film, Write of Passage: An Author's Journey. Check out his books, the Tripping Over Reality series.


Here is Stephen and his friend, Miles, who helped him out at Rob-Con 2019.

Matthew and Family

A new GLOOM fan, Matthew, and family who stopped by at CreepyCon 2018.


Superfan Phenix returned to see me at Rob-Con 2018.


Phenix is a new fan who met me at Rob-Con 2017. His mother sent me this picture.


This young lady came to visit me at Yama-Con 2017 and told me she was my biggest fan. I remembered her from Rob-Con and we discussed her book report among her favorite book series, GLOOM.


This young lady was a fan of GLOOM and told me at Rob-Con 2017 she wrote a book report on the first novel in the series. She also got an "A".

Jackie and Charlie

Two cool fans!!

Timothy Zahn

Star Wars author, Timothy Zahn, giving GLOOM his approval.


Travis is a die-hard GLOOM fan who also loves my other works. Here is Travis and I at Marble City Comicon wearing matching GLOOM shirts.


Meet Tom, a new GLOOMITE. Tom picked up the first GLOOM book at Con-Nooga 2016 and had to come back to complete his collection the following year.


This is Polo from the band, Eyeshine. Polo is a fan of science fiction and thought Timeless Requiem would be a perfect fit for him.

Bill Lancaster

Director of Write of Passage: An Author's Journey.

Chris "Butter"

One of the most "die-hard" GLOOMITES there is. A true and dedicated fan to the GLOOM series.


David Daniels of Artisan Coin Rings of Harlan, KY. presenting me with a knife from THE KILLING TREE!


David Daniels of Artisan Coin Rings of Harlan, KY. presenting me with a knife from THE KILLING TREE!

Wayne "Thag"

Wayne was happy to see me again. A fan of the first Gloom book, he really enjoyed it and came back for more. He also told me the origin of his nickname, "Thag".

Darth Bill

So, I know this guy and he's got this awesome Vader costume! He's a good friend and fan!


I met this little girl who's name was Amity. She was a sweet little cosplayer.


Lucas visits me at several conventions a year, checking out all of my latest books. If there is a bigger Gloom fan out there, I've yet to meet them. Lucas is a great guy, always talking to me and keeping me company at conventions. He's one of the fans I really look forward to seeing at my regular conventions.

Charlie & Anthony

Meet Charlie and his son, Anthony. Every chance they get, these HUGE fans come and see me for all the latest books and merch.


Maranda was a fan who came and saw me at Marble City Comicon. She had great things to say about my books and wanted a picture with me. It's always great to meet new fans!


Travis is a newer fan who had talked to me at a few conventions before finally settling with picking up Gloom at Marble City Comicon! I'm glad he stopped by and saw me again!


Dallas was really cool and seemed to dig my work! I just saw him again at Marble City Comicon and we had a nice conversation. It's always good to see fans again and catch up!


Here we have John. He drove nearly 40 minutes to pick up a GLOOM poster!!!

The Cosby Kids

From left to right: Lauren, Carley, Deuce, & Morgan. Why do I call them The Cosby Kids? Because they're from Cosby, TN.


This is Tommy! He's an awesome little cosplayer!


Here's a better picture of Tommy hanging out with me at my booth.


I met this little guy again, who had grown up some since the last time we met.


David has been a fan for a few years. He even submitted some fan art for Gloom that was published in the book GLOOM'S-DAY.

Darth Bill

Getting "knighted" by the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Super-Fan

This guy (I didn't write his name down like I normally do--Sorry man!) couldn't wait to meet me and had been following my career for years!!

The Super-Fan 2

This guy (I didn't write his name down like I normally do--Sorry man!) couldn't wait to meet me and had been following my career for years!!

Duane and Dylan

Here's Duane and Dylan! Two guys who I had a good conversation with. From Anime to Star Wars, we hit a lot of topics.


Here we have Nate Collingsworth, a Grammy Nominated trumpet player. We stayed at the same hotel, hung out at the exclusive VIP after-party, and talked all weekend. What a great guy,


A new fan, Carrie told me the story of how the Stephen King book ruined her high school life. Only later did she meet the author and joke about her experience of having the name Carrie when his book\movie came out.


Khristina (center) is not only a fran, but she has also done photography for Stephen. Have you seen an author picture in one of his books? More than likely Khristina took the picture.


Chase, a newer fran, seems to be enjoying Stephen's book, GLOOM. From what we've been told, Chase will be a lifelong fran.


Here you see Chase reading Stephen's very first Best-Seller, Beyond the Lens.

Theo "Big Tiny" Crane

Even Theo "Big Tiny" Crane (Walking Dead) is a fan of Stephen's work.

The Joker

Even the "Crown Prince of Crime" takes a moment out of his busy day to enjoy Stephen's work