Write of Passage:  An Author's Journey

Write of Passage: An Author's Journey focuses on the career of Author Stephen J. Semones as he writes, travels to conventions, and interacts with fans.

The film features interviews from family and friends of Semones as well as other independent authors, artists, and actors. The film chronicles Stephen over the course of 9 months as he travels to 6 different conventions. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at how an independent author approaches the daunting task of getting his work out there while trying to promote and market himself. You will see what it's like for one author as he takes his journey, doing things his own way, and above all- making sure his work gets into the hands of the people that matter the most: the fans.


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Write of Passage: An Author's Journey

Produced by Bilco Productions and Millenia Press


Directed by: Bill Lancaster




Showcasing the talent of:


Victoria Price, Timothy Zahn, Jenna Busch, Martin Klebba, Russ McCubbin, Ian Punnett, Larry Mainland, Gregbo Watson, Billy Tackett,  Shawn Harbin, Sonya Thompson, Christopher Lee Swartzlander, David Cooper,  Brian and Marie Bridgeforth, Christian Potenza, James E. Lyle, Chayil Champion, Daniel Peyton, C.W. Waller, Stephen J. Semones, and more...