After the collapse of the Frank Sorino Empire, his legitimate businesses began to fail and crumble. One of those very businesses was Kibo Robotics- a software developer he bought in Japan that designed the artificial intelligence for his robotic drones.
Under the stress of Sorino's empire collapsing, Kibo Robotics went under, leaving its employees in the cold.  Shinji Kirai, former Yakuza lieutenant and hand-picked CEO of Kibo Robotics, resigns in hopes of saving some jobs for his employees. His family, believing he was reformed, and now disgraced by his dealings with Frank Sorino, leave him with nothing.  
Shinji, a warrior without a master- a 'ronin', a father and husband without a family, leaves for the US to exact revenge on the one who started the shock-wave that ruined his life: GLOOM.

GLOOM: Ronin (Book Five)