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SMALL TOWN DEAD END is the latest horror novel from Stephen J. Semones, author of UNHINGED, Vine in the Fire, The Killing Tree, and The Sacrifice of Candace Blake. This time, instead of a full-fledged novel as a paperback or e-book, Stephen J. Semones is doing something completely different. This book will be released a chapter at a time on

That's right, you'll be able to read this book for free, chapter by chapter as it's released. It's something completely new for Semones and something he's excited to be doing. He announced on his Facebook Page that the more it was read, the sooner it would be updated, so as more readers check out the story, he'll add more chapters. This new process is something Semones wanted to try, as he has the potential to get immediate feedback with his readers.

If you want to start reading SMALL TOWN DEAD END, click HERE.

Book Synopsis:

Small-town blogger, Eric Myers, broke a nationwide story when he discovered corruption within the government of New Bound, Virginia. It changed his life and allowed him to follow his dream of being a journalist. Months later, Eric receives an anonymous email that will lead him down a path full of murder, monsters, and mayhem. Not everything is as it seems in New Bound, Virginia, especially the people.

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