What's up with the Interviews and Media??

If you follow my social media at all, then you'll know I've been migrating old media that I've done over to my YouTube Channel. I had several interviews and short films that were recorded and used by another company I worked with for a while. Well, they recently removed their YouTube Channel, which means all of the content I had uploaded under them is gone.

What does that mean? I lost all of the views and comments we had over the last five years, but I still have all of the content. It's a bummer, but at least I saved everything and have everything that I've done over the years. It was a lot to go through and re-edit, but I've done it and have restored almost everything that was removed.

I had quite a few interviews over the years that I conducted. Some were used, some weren't. That's just how things go sometimes. Anyway, I'll be spending the next few months updating my YouTube Channel and putting some much needed focus there in my spare time. Right now, I've been focusing on the video interviews I've done. But, I've got audio interviews I'll be editing and putting up. Some of them have never been released and are really, really cool with some awesome people.

I just wanted to take a minute and explain the sudden resurgence in content on my channel and the several social media posts I've been making in regards to this content migration. So, head on over to my channel by clicking HERE and when you get there, click that SUBSCRIBE button. Subscribing will keep you up to date whenever a new video is uploaded.

Stay tuned.

- Stephen

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