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It's no secret I've been working on a fantasy novel for about six years now. Realms of Chaos has been a labor of love for years now. With character and world building, I've really poured my heart into creating a fantasy saga that I could really establish as an epic story told across several books.

My original plan was for three books, each one really expanding and developing the world and characters further. Well, things change. The more I've worked, researched, created, and developed these characters, their backstories, the world around them, and everything in between- things have morphed into an all-consuming epic tale that just won't fit into two or three books. It just can't. There's so much to these characters and I just don't feel I can do them justice with my original plan.

So, what's the big surprise? What's the BIG NEWS?

Well, with what I just said about so much story, content, character depth, and events... I started writing and developing this world years ago. It grew and grew, characters changed and got rearranged. The more I wrote on the main story, I felt the need to expand on certain events. I'd be writing a character and mention something that happened to them previously and found that it would be a cool story to tell outside of the main storyline. So, I began writing side-stories, backstories, and other little pieces that kind of wove in and out of the main plot.

Are these stories needed? Absolutely. I feel the more I wrote the main story, the more of these characters needed to see the light of day, not just the original story I set out to tell. This is a fantasy epic after all.

After writing some on MONSTERS, I had a story called Necropolis, which took place in the timeline of Realms of Chaos. The story was about one of the characters and what happened after a major event in the timeline that isn't in the main story. (I hope that made sense). So, I cut that short story from MONSTERS and shelved it. It was really good, but it didn't fit what we were doing with that book, but it didn't fall into Realms of Chaos either. Then, it hit me...

I'll release all of these side and background stories to introduce everyone to the world and characters that will be a part of the main story in Realms of Chaos. This will help set the stage for what's to come. It will be a good introduction to this fantasy epic and allow people to get to know the world and characters in such a way that when the main story is released, you'll have all the background you need. You'll be familiar with the lands, the cities, the creatures, the lore...

Sorry for the long explanation, but I felt it's needed to fully explain what is going on with this series. Now, without further ado, I want to show you what the cover to Valley of the Splintered Swords: A Prelude to Realms of Chaos will look like:

I wanted it to have that 80's\90's fantasy feel of book covers that I grew up reading and loving so much. This "prelude" contains several stories that inter-connect with the main story and establish everything you need. Like I said, there is so much content, backstory, and lore that I felt the best place to start is with all of the stories that really wouldn't fit into the main plot of what's to come.

Is this a short-story collection? In a way. In a way it's not. Think of it as an introduction to Realms of Chaos through several character stories. There will be stories told from the point of view from the good, bad, and everyone in between. You'll find out everything you need to know about these characters and the world they live in. So, when can you expect this book to be in your hands? Right now, I'm aiming for first quarter of 2021. MONSTERS is getting ready to come out and I wanted to really get the news out there about this, as it's going to be my next release. So, after you devour MONSTERS, you've got this fantasy novel to look forward to.

In the meantime, make sure you've got your pre-order in for MONSTERS!!

All the best... Stephen

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