Welcome to Falls Gap. Your typical American town. Everyone knows one another, waves politely, and spends their summers enjoying the beautiful Washington state weather. On the surface, Falls Gap is the picture perfect scene of Americana.

Over the Independence Day weekend of 1980, every citizen either mysteriously vanished without a trace, or died, leaving only their remains for speculation as to what occurred. The following Monday morning, no one was left in Falls Gap to say what happened.

When two FBI agents are dispatched to investigate, they find more than they bargained for in this perfect little town. Trying to piece together what happened to the citizens of Falls Gap, they soon discover an evil unlike anything they've seen before.

Take a journey into the macabre with eleven disturbing and frightening stories that unravel the mystery of Falls Gap. UNHINGED chronicles the last gasps muffled by the fireworks of that fateful weekend.

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