The Wraith: Eyes of Judgment


The Dread Avenger of the Underworld comes alive onscreen in this faithful adaptation of the Australian comic, The Wraith, published by Trinity Comics.The Wraith protects and fights for the citizens of Metro City against crime and corruption. Robert Latham, respected business mogul and corrupt criminal mastermind, puts the city in danger once more as The Cobra emerges to rival Latham's empire and destroy his only opposition...The Wraith.


Sir Reel Films pulled talent from all aspects of filmmaking to bring this comic book adaptation to life through film. Featuring a digital 5.1 sound mix from Voodoo Studios, The Wraith film is one to surely test the capacity of your home theater. Featuring music from Emmy Award Winning Composer Larry Groupe, stunts from Oscar Winner Scott Leva, and an original song and music video performed for the film by Mandi Leigh, The Wraith will please even the most casual fan of comic books.


This Special Edition DVD of The Wraith features over four hours of special features spanning two impressive discs. With animated menus mixed in digital surround, this will satisfy even the hardcore DVD enthusiasts.

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